I ran across this bug of a follower not displaying on the list of a farm that is being followed.
I created this from 2 farms I have in the same hood.

Farm 2 is following farm 1.
Farm 1 puts block on farm 2 (to see how it works).
Message says Farm 2 has been removed from follower list.
Farm 1 no longer has Farm 2 on any list.
Farm 1 removes block from Farm 2.
Being in the same hood, Farm 2 visits Farm 1 and taps the label at top to follow. Message says Farm is followed.

Farm 1 visits farm 2 and does same thing. Taps the label to follow. Message says farm followed.

Farm 1 looks on follower list and cannot see Farm 2 listed.
Usually toggling the tabs allowed the new follower to appear but not this time.
Farm 1 has to close and restart the app. Farm 2 now appears on follower list.

Farm 2 also does not have Farm 1 on its follower list even though Farm 1 is following. So Farm 2 is not aware that Farm 1 is following it.

Farm 2 closes and reopens app. Farm 2 looks again on its follower list and still does not see Farm 1 on it.