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Thread: Simple visual donation icon

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    Simple visual donation icon

    Clashers, dont you hate it when you request a specific troop for war? When you need a max troop instead of low level one and you can't raid because its level is insufficient in your high TH level raid? Or maybe you feel bad and guilty you donated the wrong troop quickly without really looking at the request?

    I have a solution. A visual idea that we can see and identify very easily with just a glance on the troop being requested for donation.

    When you request a troop, instead of typing the name of the troop you want, simply just click on the troop icon you want. And if you want max level then the background would have a specific color (i.e. red for max, blue for normal) to visually see that it's a max request you want.

    For example, you have 40 space in your clan castle and you request gibarch. You want 3 max giants, 15 barbarians and 15 max archers. You can click and display 3 red giants for max level, 15 blue barbarians for any level and 15 red archers for max level. This request will be displayed on the clan chat.

    For donators, when you see the troop icon on the clan chat, you can simply click on it and it will be transferred from your training queue and automatically be donated to them (much like clicking from the one-gem donation list). If you dont have giant with sufficient level to donate max (after consideration of clan level boost donation), then the system will not allow you to click on that red giants and will be grayed out for you. However you can still click on the blue troop icon and donate that blue troop regardless of level.

    No more time sensitive rushed attack near the end of war. No more constant wait on others to give you the correct troops for your raid/war attacks. No more fights and arguments between clan member due to irresponsibility of improper donations.

    This is a creative and visual solution to maintain fair play in donation and respect between clan members and promotes a fun way to keep playing the game you love.

    Any question or suggestion to this idea, comment away! Thank you for reading this donation thread idea.
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    Used the wrong way, people could wait a long time for the "right" level troops and lose request cycles. When high level troops aren't available, often any level is better than nothing.

    During wars we write in text request whether for war or raiding. Same with defence. It's made clear early on and people happily adapt.

    I have issues with anything that forces a player's hand and takes away flexibility.

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    So how can I specify that I want either: 2 dragons, 1 dragon and 4 balloons, OR an E-drag with 2 balloons? Note that I don't want 8 balloons. Or what if I want a golem and 2 giants, OR 2 ice golems and wiz/arch, but I don't want a golem and wiz/arch or ice golems and giants?

    (FYI - this idea has been presented and discussed countless times over the years. If the UI is simple, then the system isn't flexible enough, or if the system is to be flexible, then the UI is too complex.)

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    By the space capacity of your clan castle, you would see a window with all the troop icons displayed, clicking on dragon once will display the number one at the bottom right of the troop icon, clicking it twice will show number 2.

    Similarly clicking dragon once and balloons 4 times will show number 1 and 4 in the bottom right of the top icon respectively.

    If you have 40 spaces in your CC then after maxing your CC, all the troops icon will be grayed out, meaning you can add any more request to your CC.

    If trying to request a max of a specific troop, press and hold to change it to red to indicate max request of that specific troop. Alternatively click a fire symbol next to the troop (can be a "+" sign or anything really to indicate max level) to change the troop icon background color to red. *add a small note at the bottom of the display to point that feature out)

    The UI doesnt have to be complicated. Just keep is simple and easy for even an 8 year old to figure out. Less is more.

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    Replying to OzAudi:

    I agree with that assessment. If a clan member cannot donate a max level troop after clan level boost, then that is a problem.

    1. Because maybe only 1 or 2 member can donate max level and could wait for many hours before they can donate to you and by then it can be too late in terms of war attack.

    2. No one has sufficient level of that said troop to donate max.

    My clan write request with specific words for what they want a lot of times it is not honored. This causes a lot of frustration and blaming on who donated wrong or who should be sat out in next war because they didnt read carefully. We cant see donation history so we cant find the culprit of who ruin the donation request and ruin their good chance of war attack. The camaraderie of the clan goes down solely because of that and we didnt see it in time who messed that up.

    That is my reason for proposing this idea, to prevent wrong troop donation and ruining their war strategy. Flexibility could be an issue with low level th players.

    My proposed solution to that problem:

    Perhaps this feature could be available for the clan when the clan level reaches t and gains the perk of 1 donation boost level. And for players who reached th11 to be able to use that feature as some of the troops start to reach max level when added with the donation boost from the clan perks. Can be made as an overall clan effort to achieve that feature as a group.

    Clans below level 5 and players under th11 can still use the same format as we do now with just texting and writing and they can only donate blue troops until they reach th11.

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