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Thread: Favourite memory from the BB?

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    Favourite memory from the BB?

    I know, I know. The builder base is pretty lacklustre. Itís more of a chore than a fun game mode. But when it first came out, it was a blast! So many new and fresh concepts that the aging game really needed (one could say it was a mid-life crisis).

    I ask you, have you done anything amazing or had any funny moments in the Builder Base? My personal favourite was on the first day, I was top 10 globally with 33 trophies. I remember I was much younger, it was a Saturday morning. I was hitting the refresh button constantly to see what the update (a closely guarded secret) had in store. I was very pleasantly surprised. And yes, I was one of the first 10 attacks ever performed in the builder base.

    I didnít know how to take screenshots at the time, and it was on my old device anyway. What is your most memorable moment?

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    Getting to 3000 trophies for the first time. I want to finish the Achievements and this was a very big step forwards.

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    Most memorable moments is unlocking OTTO
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    Breaching the 4000 trophy mark for the first time

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    Beating one of the consistently top ranking BH players in a match forgot who it was though

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