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Thread: Th9 by the worst

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    Th9 by the worst

    OK it's been along time since i was TH9, but looking back it was the worst, if i... or you had max out everything up to TH9, you would have a Level 10 B-King. Now, then when you get the Ar-queen at level 1, then you learn, oh dam, i have to upgrade them both to level 30. You'll be like REALLY!!, that's 20 level's for King and 29 for the queen because she's already Level 1.

    I think you should the Queen at TH8 where you get the King to level 10, as for Queen either 5-or maybe 10 you can upgrade he to. at least that way your going into TH9 with both near the 30.

    Tell me what you thing and thanks for you time.

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    No one suggested AQ and BK need to be equal in level. They are different heroes with different strengths, weaknesses and abilities.

    Cost is not a valid reason for introducing AQ earlier.

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    Town Hall 9 is definitely the bottleneck of the game with 50 levels of Hero and two sets of Walls. You also get a myriad of lv 6 troop upgrades, such as Balloons, at which point they actually feel viable for War. You also get Witches, and Witch Slap seems to remain a decent th9 strategy. In my experience with my th7, 8, and 9 minis, you're relegated to Mass Dragons until th9, then a new world of possibilities opens up. Sure, there's a lot to do, but you get a lot to do it with.

    (I wouldn't mind even 5 levels of AQ on my th8, but they thematically release Heroes every other Town Hall, and having both main Heroes at th8 might just be too strong.)

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    The only people who have a problem with DE at TH9 are the people who don't switch their focus to DE at TH9. Everyone continues their TH2-TH8 habit of raiding G & E meanwhile ignoring DE, then they get mad when they have all max buildings but teenage heroes.

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    looks like my prayers have been answered this new update coming soon hero cost reduction nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4ChessOfConfusion4 View Post
    looks like my prayers have been answered this new update coming soon hero cost reduction nice.
    In what way does this mean your prayers were answered? Nowhere in your original post did you request for reduced hero costs. All you requested was to have the queen unlocked at TH8 and that still is never going to happen.
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    in other post my bad lol

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