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Thread: Th9 looking for Clan games clan

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    Th9 looking for Clan games clan

    I was maxed th8 then i upgraded th and some other stuff , iam looking for a clan that maxes clan games

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    Hi Awesome,

    We are an extremely active war clan always looking for active members.

    * Active chat - we have a very chatty active group.
    * Great war record - Placed 1st or 2nd in just about every CWL and have above 75% win rate in wars... Plus Daily Wars!!!
    * Maxed Clan Games - We usually Max in 2 days and obtain all rewards.
    * Donations - Very high donations for those looking to push. WE HAVE SIEGE MACHINES!!!!!
    * International Clan - This helps with donations around the clock and someone is usually online
    * Active Leadership - We are always recruiting, removing inactives, providing advice, and planning wars
    * Our members are mostly TH13-TH11
    * We are like family, with Zero Drama

    Hope you can join us!

    Fat Kitty Stars


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    Hi there,

    Would like to invite you to FTH - #2002R0J9U, which we are continuing to rebuild and recruiting th8+ for wars.. Only in gold 1 but we're lvl 7, but quickly improving and we can get to crystal (even master) in no time for sure.. Friendly clan mates, chill wars. Got a lot of empty after cwl, so we need some th11-13 especially!

    Use strats in war, we do very well. (Promoted cwl twice in a row, war log 41-32-0, but since we rebuilt our log is 17-7-0.

    Chill wars, quickly filled cc's and maxed cg's.
    Best of all you got clan mates here who support you no matter if you're th2 or th13! Just have to show ur best and use 2 attacks when needed.
    We also understand we all have a life, and can miss if we have emergencies, just tell us as soon as you can.
    Request to join IG with "tasty invited me from forums".

    Gl with finding a clan anyways!

    Thx to Holmes GFX for this awesome Sig! Visit his shop here
    Add me as a friend here, and I'll add u back ^_^
    Need a clan? =)
    Check mine out if you want here

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    You can jion us dude...😋

    pls checkout the following link

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    Hi, if you're still looking for a clan check us out -

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