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    Problem with the statistics is a player can be kicked out simply because leader wants to. this would hurt their reputation if stats were known. I have travelled in a few hoods. i have found more poor leaders than poor hood mates. I would not want to get a scarlet letter simply because of the whims of many of these leaders.
    I have also hooded solo. So, if i choose to do low level tasks or just a few it hurts no one. Some derbies I try to only do mine tasks. or only town tasks. It is a game in a game for me. But this would also go and hurt my statistics? No, this is also not a good way to judge people. Just because they were great at one time, does not mean they are a good fit for your hood. and vice versa.
    FYI - I do all tasks at 320 plus the extra for diamonds. I would be a great asset. But, my statistics does not show that.

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    In some cases, I "communicate" with non NB players by changing my farm name. I like the thought of leaders "tagging" those players. For a joke, my farm name is Dairy day when I grow up (LOL!) I may want to change it

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    a saboteour is a player that joins just to ruin the derby (has nothing to do with abiding the hood rules) there are several hopping around just to ruin derbies and you can't know who it is till it hits you since so easy to just change name and looks

    easiest way is just to make it impossible to change name just like the hoods name that cant be changed

    ofc nothing stopping them from making more farms its just a part of game we need to deal with i guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fifio View Post

    Why on earth is is permitted to change your name in the first place???
    While I hate people who change their farm names in an effort to rejoin hoods they have already been booted out of. I had one of those in the past and I understand that frustration.
    I would hate not being able to change my name even more. In my neighborhood we change our names several times during the derby as a way to "call" our next task. So I am often Mother Hen Potato Bread or Mother Hen choc. ice cream.
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