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Thread: Canít connect to server

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    Canít connect to server

    Just installed on a new iPad and can’t connect to server. My internet connection is fine as I’m writing this on said iPad. I signed out of iCloud and then signed in on new iPad, similarly I signed in to games centre. Everything else, music, apps, notes are all working fine apart from Clash of Clans. Please help.
    My iPhone displays the same message, what has gone wrong ?
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    #VRJQY99U - #YPLYUCPJP are my two villages. The first is TH13 almost maxed in Legend League.
    The second is Th12 almost maxed

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    Maybe it's a problem with your connection- try opening the app on a different network and see if the problem persists. Or try using a VPN ( note- only to check whether the issue is resolved or not. Darian has stated that although their system is able to distinguish between those who use VPN and those who share their accounts, it is not perfect. So do this only for testing purposes.)

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    I found the answer and you had it too, it was the VPN. I deleted the app and everything is hunky dory. Thanks for the reply anyway.

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