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Thread: Veteran Mid max Th13 player looking for a clan

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    Veteran Mid max Th13 player looking for a clan

    Mid max th13 here. I'm an adult, friendly, no drama veteran clasher. Playing COC for more than 4yrs now and I'm looking for a friendly, competitive, active champs league clan.
    Please provide the name and clan tag of your clan so I can figure out which clan is suitable for me.

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    Hi check out ManBeerPig (#P90QYVRC).

    If you are interested stop by our discord and say hi. It would be nice to get your player ID, but you can share it there.
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    Peri Kecilq Level 16 Rebuilding Atm #UUGJGQG0
    CWL Masters 3 WL 203-131
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    We are recruiting for th12/th13 players for our main clan.

    What we offer:

    • Back to back 30-40v war
    • 3 clans for cwl, 15v champ3 and the other 30v
    • 1 hero down is ok for classic war
    • Good war record
    • Max donation
    • Max cg tiers
    • Friendly atmosphere of learning and teaching


    Clan Name: Rune Force

    Clan Tag: #8C0GCR9Q

    Clan Level: 19

    Clan War Win: 509

    Clan Game Highest: 140,190!

    Clan War League: Champion League 3


    Apply to the clan in-game (tag #8C0GCR9Q ) and put “I’ll war and do cg ” in join request OR join our chat group on discord. (Links below)


    Clash of Clan:

    Rune Force: [

    Clash Royale:

    Rune Force: [


    Rune Force: [

    Rune Force:

    Apply to the clan in-game (tag #8C0GCR9Q ) and put “I’ll war and do cg ” in join request OR join our chat group on discord.

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    Hey buddy. I don't know if my first post messed up or what. But come check out Source of Logic #8RY0VRYL . It seems like what you're looking for! Swing by for a war or 2 and see if we're a good fit! I'll post my thread below


    • Clan Name: Source of Logic
    • Clan Tag: #8RY0VRYL
    • Clan Level: 17
    • Clan Entry Reqs: TH 12+ 50/50/20 Heroes
    • CWL: Champions 3

    • Additional info:
    • Adults 18+ English Speaking and active required.
    • We are primarily a war clan but also like to joke around and have fun.
    • Please be open-minded and familiar with 3-star attacks. We try and war 24/7. If your heroes are down, please opt-out.
    • We love experimenting with new attacks via Friendly Challenges.
    • We always donate MAX troops!
    • We are currently in Champions 3 for CWL. We want to push to Champs 1! All TH 12 and below who are good attackers wand want to participate in CWL can go to our other clan BroadSTBullies #Y0YVVR82 (Crystal 1) for CWL. Also, we always MAX Clan Games. No minimum requirements.

    • Please apply in-game and mention cHuFF from Forums or you can respond here
    • This is my discord link! Feel free to swing by and chat!

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    Come check out kings crossing. We are looking for strong attackers to help us in CWL. We just made to Champs I in cwl. And we have another champs ii cwl clan. We are a small-ish tight-knit family clan and have solid attackers. If you want to check us out say Raider sent for you. 29Q9PCYV

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    I think you would be a good fit in Eff Nate. We are a level 14 clan that runs a 30 man all TH13 CWL. Lots of FCs, lots of activity, and a lot of banter. Swing by and come hang out for a bit.

    Eff Nate #9QYL2Q89

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    Memory Log #8VPGL9QL

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    We sound like a good fit. No drama, 2 CWL lineups, constant war, and we're competitive without being hardcore.

    Veni Vidi Vici
    DaHolla - #2QC2CL8U0
    Veni Vidi Vici - #P98L89UV

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    Hey I'm from Brits on tour#RRUYJQPP

    Could I get your player tag to check you out?

    If you don't want to post it on forums I understand, just say from forums on request to join. Provided you aren't rushed we will accept you.

    Clan recently went th13 only so we're a bit on the small side, trying to bulk up

    We're everything you're looking for I think
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