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Thread: "Unbreakable" achievement

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    Quote Originally Posted by RachelDawnAmber View Post
    That, I see that's the only choice, putting all storage outside, so hope lower TH players just snipe your resources, LuL z
    I think this would actually be undesirable. You want people to drop a troop and leave, which means no guard, and the next person can come in, drop a troop and leave. If you leave them a storage and they decide to drop their queen and take it out and then leave, you will get a 30 minute guard. This means the next person can't come in for 30 minutes.

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    A long thread, with lots of good tips in the responses, on how to effectively farm defends in the lowest leagues:
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    Did it in 6 weeks by repeatedly dropping to like 400 trophies and u pick up a gazillion defences
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    Might try to finish that achievement sometime later, after almost 4 years playing only reach 1800s on successful Defense.

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    I have 6858 defenses. I dropped as low as I could in trophies (in fact I dropped all the way to zero just to see if it could be done) just to complete this achievement. At the time I had around 2000 defenses. It took a few weeks to get the achievement, but it can be done.
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    I'm with you haha, I've been playing for over 7 years and only have around 3500 defensive wins... some drop really low, or some don't (like me)... very cool achievement to reach.
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    Drop to a lower league, with a tough base you will get a lot of trophy drops and some real defenses too. Many players in lower leagues tend to want to stay in certain trophy ranges so they drop lots of trophies.

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    I did it on my main a couple of years ago. Dropped to around 200 cups, repeat in the morning, repeat after work. Going down constantly does become a chore and I seriously lost the will to live and won’t even consider the achievement on my other accounts . To be fair, some good loot down there at times.
    the only thing that got me through was at the time I had other bases to work on, so I focussed on farming on them whilst getting unbreakable on he big girl. Not sure I would have persevered if I only had the one base.

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    Started playing clash 12/2015.. I have won 254 defences. Always Push, I am in legend since when I was th10... Now I'm almost maxed , tomorrow I hope I'll exit legend and start go to bronze

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    I don’t have the patience for this lol.

    I have 2 gems

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