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Thread: Add an on/off Summoning Switch For Night Witches

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    Add an on/off Summoning Switch For Night Witches

    Sometimes a night witch will get stuck hitting a wall over and over, but every 5 seconds they end up summoning some bats that go and die to a roaster instantly.
    I propose a button shown on your troop attack bar than allows you to turn off and turn on summoning.
    This button allows you to have ur witches only attack or to have them summon at a normal pace.
    When turned back on the witches would have a full cool down for the bats to be summoned again as to not have any glitches or misuse by players.
    This would optimize the use of night witches when they are attacking an important defence or the builder hall. Instead of taking the time to summon bats which go to their ultimate demise, the night witch would keep attacking to get that last hit on the building.
    Just an idea. Let me know if Iím crazy.

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    The summoning is part and parcel of the witches. That is their mechanic. I don't ever see SC adding an on/off for mechanics.
    Next, people would want an on/off switch for sneaky archers, would be useful to use as soon as they come under fire.
    Maybe an on/off switch for other bb troop mechanics too.
    Would completely ruin the bb.

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    The world may never know...
    1: How would you turn it on and off? It is multiple troops, not a single hero ability.

    2: Why? The bats help tank for the night witch, and eventually the bats will pick off a defense or two within each of their 2 second lives.

    3: I do not think bats would like to be forced to wait, I think they want to be free as soon as possible, which the night witch provides for them.

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