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    Quote Originally Posted by Glp1955 View Post
    Where is the insult and escalation. I would rather keep this a friendly discussion but since you are such a superior player, you chose to run me down to make yourself feel better.
    Ask the moderators about deleted posts. You know they existed, after all you chose to quote me in at least one deleted post so don't play coy and innocent. Is that "calm" enough for you ?

    I never mentioned I was a superior playerz that's your assessment. I did say I finish the derby quickly and you seem to want to dwell on that aspect. Which is strange because it's the very core to your suggestion.

    Finishing the derby quickly isn't really a challenge but you do need to prepare and organize. That's a gameplay preference and it says nothing about superiority or otherwise.

    Quite simply, your dismissing counterpoints but don't reslly address those counterpoints. That's far civil or friendly.

    Keep quoting me or intimating at something i have written and I'm likely to respond. But by all means keep your thread alive within forum rules.

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    This thread has degenerated into an argument for the second time, so I am closing it.

    Discussions should always be kept civil, with respect for others' points of view.

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