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Thread: Need a clan TH6

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    Need a clan TH6

    Im TH6 need a pretty active clan that donates and participates in war. Im active and plan to max out each TH

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    Port Alberni, B.C.
    H.O.C. is hiring at #V9J9JQRV

    Tired of hardcore war clans or clans run by 9 year olds?
    Want benefits of being in a clan without crazy war pressure?
    House of Cali’s is your Clan.

    [B]What we offer:
    -north american based english speaking adults
    -level 10 clan
    -small, no pressure optional war once or twice a week
    -a place to grow and just have fun
    -sister clan to B.C. Buds @#8VLYJLJC
    -yes, chat is very quiet but donations are solid
    -drama free
    -non serious so no apps needed
    -currently sitting in gold 2 in CWL

    What we are looking for:
    -ADULT, non hardcore players
    -regular war is totally optional but we are looking for clan games and CWL participants
    -if you war, please NO rushers/engineers and do both attacks according to clan mails
    -folks just looking to have fun playing a game
    -clan is set to closed most of the time so please pm me here to discuss further

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    Hi Euro,

    We have a clan that may suit you. You'd be welcome to join the experienced and supportive Mini Bailey.

    We have six active international clans in the Bailey family. All follow the general rules:
    English speaking only.
    Adults 18+
    Drama free
    Back to back wars (can opt out)
    Townhall not rushed (Builder hall should be! 😁 )

    The Bailey (in-game link, forum post link)
    The original clan, established in the UK about 4 years ago.
    For TH12s and above.

    The Bailey II (in-game link, forum post link)
    Established originally to run a second CWL, however quickly grew in to an active war clan. Generally TH10s and above.

    The Bailey III (in-game link, forum post link)
    Another super active war clan, constantly a friendly competition between B2 and B3.
    Generally TH11s and above

    The Bailey IV (in-game link, forum post link)
    Started to accommodate the fast growth of the bailey family of clans. Scored over 140,000 points in Clan Games!
    Generally TH9s and above.

    The Bailey FWA (in-game link, forum post link).
    Our certified Farm War Alliance clan. Go here if you have heroes upgrading or wish to take a break from regular wars but still want the loot.

    The Mini Bailey (in-game link).
    Our training clan for TH9s and below. This is were many of our members are levelling up their mini accounts and also providing guidance to new junior members.

    We use Discord to communicate between clans and as to assist in recruiting, strategy and planning, however it's not a requirement. If you're interested please join our Discord Server or if you don't use Discord just apply in game saying you're from the forums or just message me.

    Wishing you all the best in your search.



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    Hey! Want to help grow a new clan? Want to help create a fun, yet serious place for people to learn and improve? Want to create a brotherhood of people fighting for glory and fame? Then join up #2PY9GJL0G
    Future war clan looking for active players willing to take advice and willing to work. English speakers only and no rushed THs. Donate and be active or get the boot. Hope to see you there!
    Realm of Champs

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    [Recruiting] War Lover's, Clan level 1, WAR/FRIENDLY/INTERNATIONAL, MIN TH TO JOIN 6
    Hi! You are welcome in our clan, the clan is very active and wars 24/7.
    Please reply if you are interested or directly join the clan.
    Clan tag #28YVJGRQQ

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    Hi mate, you'd be perfect for our clan!
    Here's our info:


    Looking for active and talkative players with unrushed bases

    Why join?

    • Access to maxed TH9 troops
    • 8 - 1 war record
    • We have a solid core player base
    • th8 and below clan, so great for new players

    This is a rebuilding clan! Let's win some wars!

    (Edit) we've had numerous players join since this post went up and we have started our first war since rebuilding

    Join up soon for clan games start!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eur0step View Post
    Im TH6 need a pretty active clan that donates and participates in war. Im active and plan to max out each TH
    WAR BRAWLERS ||[#2PP90QGYC][LEVEL 5][Looking for TH6-10]

    Some Aspects About Us:

    We are a chilled, talkative clan. Feeder of the War Brawlers (level 12) (#J8PGUV92).Looking for hardcore war and CWL players
    The clan is currently undergoing some rebuilding thats why we need some good and somewhat serious players.
    We are constantly into wars and have an impeccable war war win percentage. The war log is public so give it a look 😎. Currently we are in Cyrstal 3 in CWL.
    Coming to the promotional stuff and all-
    Elder is earned by donating more than 1000+ troops
    CO is earned by trust and good war performance.
    Do Check us out.

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