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Thread: [Recruiting] SKOL! | Level 5 Clan | Family Friendly

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    [Recruiting] SKOL! | Level 5 Clan | Family Friendly

    Clan Name: SKOL!
    Clan Tag:
    Clan Level: 5

    We are a dormant level 5 clan looking to rebuild and become an active war clan. We prioritize being family friendly, promoting positivity, being respectful and creating friendships.

    Requirements | Rules

    Be respectful - Racism, hatred or anything derogatory won't be tolerated.
    Active - Participating in clan games, clan wars, chat, donations are all required, this is how to earn Elder.
    Donations - Please try to keep a positive ratio.
    Team work - No rogue warriors please. We want team orientated folks who participate in war planning.
    Maturity - While we don't enforce age requirements, we expect a level of maturity. Jokes are fine, just keep it PG13.

    Looking forward to building some friendships.

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