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Thread: Demoting inactive Hood

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    Demoting inactive Hood

    As the leader of a small hood, I have been wondering why SC would demote a hood for being inactive for one week. I can understand those in a larger hood (let's say 10 members), because with a larger hood you have less chance that all members opt out of the derby the same week. But, those in a smaller hood it is almost impossible to participate in every derby. If a Solo hood it is even worse. Some members may get extremely busy, go on vacation or just simply need a break from the derby. Or they just don't like the theme that week (for us it's mystery derby). I was just wondering why SC couldn't give hoods at least one week of no racing before a demotion. If after the second derby, the hood is still inactive then okay. It would be sad to fall from champions league or any league just because members are inactive for one race. Just been wondering about this and haven't seen any related answers.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    This question has come up a long time ago. As a solo player it does get difficult to derby every week. A busy week does impact a solo player in a one player NH more than it would if you had neighbors that could step up and keep your standing.

    However, the solo players (no matter what size their NH) could get demoted for coming in bottom 3. This could happen even if they do maximum point tasks.

    So, IMO, it would be more unfair to the solo players that actually played, but came in bottom 3 than it is to demote the NHs, solo or other, that chose not to participate in the derby
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    I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve complained to SC before, but they don’t get it, nor do they care.

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