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Thread: CoC loot forecaster

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    IMO, it's useful if you are barching in gold/crystal

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowman View Post
    Go back to the site and carefully read their own disclaimers. That alone should raise a red flag. Then ask youself, how old is that "data"?
    It was never more than an educated guess & from the looks of it, it hasn't been updated to reflect the massive growth of players in Asia.

    The best time for loot really depends on your play style (storage vs collector). As others pointed out, it's a dynamic environment. If you're looking for full collectors to raid with cheap armies, the hours after kids go to bed usually have less competition for those bases.

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    The lootforcaster is just a guesstimator. Loot available depends on your town hall level and your league and the overall player activity. Currently there is a hero book event running so the player activity is supposed to be high, loot is harder to find than usual but you can find loot at any time it is just a matter of how long you search for a base, random luck and you should be close to your sweet spot for your current townhall level.

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    I find it pretty accurate and if you play enough you should be able to find out what league all the high loot is in depending on your TH.

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    I was occasionally opening that forecast site back when I'm th8/9 around 2016/2017. Stay at gold and crystal. And the site pretty accurate gave me information when the loot are high or low. But since i hit th10, And move to higher league never use it anymore.
    like one of the poster here, That was pretty accurate for gold/crystal or maybe low master

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    Basically it's a simulation of a model based on a number of assumption.

    Seeing as neither the data it's supposedly based on, the model and its parameters and most importantly any model validation is accessible, it's more or less impossible to evaluate the usefulness of it for the purpose of planning farming attacks.

    Therefore one should not write it off as being untrustworthy, but on the other hand one should probably not rely on it either.

    Just go farm whenever really, nexting is your friend.

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    For crystal it is pretty accurate, might not be if youre in the higher leagues

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    Never used it but as a th13 farming in champion 3 is like crystal league on steroids

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