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Thread: Need clan for War and donation

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    Need clan for War and donation

    Hi, I have two Townhall. One is Th10 and other is Th11.
    Need a friendly clan to stay permanently. My ID tag: #CLUJLY0Q
    Must be level 10+ with some siege donators.
    Hope we will rock 🤝

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    If you are interested in joining, apply in discord

    Looking for members with:

    1. TH11-13 40+ BK 40+ AQ, and 10+ GW
    2. Active in clan games and wars
    3. Willing to learn new attacks, and copy new bases.
    4. Active donators
    5. No Drama
    6. English speaking.
    7. Active on Discord

    Clan provides:

    1. High level donates.
    2. Level 16 clan perks.
    3. Completion of top clan game rewards
    4. Constant wars with a high win rate.
    5. Fun mature atmosphere.
    6. Discord chat server.
    7. Master League 3 CWL rewards.

    Peri Kecilq (TAG #UUGJGQG0) is a 5+ year old level 16 war clan in Master league 3!

    I am the leader with a TH13 in legends and I am very active. War log is 203-4-131 for clan wars. We are looking for more TH11-13’s through this rebuild that are active war members. We have a discord chat server which is required. We have mostly TH11-13s. We always max clan games!

    I live in the United States, but we have members from all over. However, English only is required.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Clash stats here:

    Discord is here:

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    Check out Reckoned Rebel (#2RGJVVJU). We are a level 16 clan that loves war, clan games, and CWL. We are looking for non-rushed TH10’s and up and you fit the bill! If you’re interested, join our Discord server or message me. The link is
    IGN: Coltssuperfan17 (lv155, TH10), Count deMoney (lv129, TH10)
    I reside in Reckoned Rebel and Wreck'ned Rebel. Check out RR! Check out WR!

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    Manetheren | a Relaxed but Active Clan | Looking for TH9+

    Clan: Manetheren
    ID: #22VQ29CV2

    No drama, no pressure atmosphere to clash in. Currently Clan Level 11. Our current CWL League is Crystal II.

    We like to war. We war about 3 times per week. Wars are optional, but if you are opted in you are expected to do your attacks. We like to win, but there is no pressure to always get 3*s nor to attack only as the leader directs you. Just do your best and try to do the attacks that help the clan the best. You can even war with heroes down.

    We always max out in Clan Games.

    No minimum on donations. Most all members have no problem donating any requests.

    No minimum points for Clan Games.

    We run a clean chat.

    Currently clan is invite only. Just mention "Forums" in your request.

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