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Thread: Advice on recruiting

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    Done this since the global chat was closed. Few members joined and I have a good clan too. Level 10, main rules in the description, always war, cwl, troops donated and every sign that is an active clan, plus the clan members have all well builded villages, balanced and not rushed.

    Mine is an Italian speaking clan, so maybe part of our problems are for language. I think it could be useful to add some label on the player profile to indicate the known languages, and a respective label for the recruiter.

    Another label (for the recruiter) I surely appreciate is the th level. Maybe I don't want to see th lower than a certain level or higher, depending on what I need for war, so That could be useful too.

    A lot more filters to an accurate searching are hero levels, trophies, builder hall level. Maybe also clan games total lifetime points, troop donated or war stars gained

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    The only advice I have for u (and for myself) is to choose the right labels and write a good clan description, because this is the last chance we have to spend some words to present our clan to them who don't know us. I think this is the most important thing we lost with the global chat: the chance to talk with other players. Forums and social official profiles are wonderful ways to talk each other, report issues or simply share something with other players, but it can't be part of the recruiting system! It's of course good if the game have a good community and a lot of fans, but u must be able to play game IN-GAME, not needing to go outside to find new members for ur clan

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    leader of Level 6 thriving clan here. If u don’t mind TH8s and 9s in ur clan, I have found plenty using recruitment tool. I have changed the clan acceptance level to th9 so I only see 9s and above in the invite thing. I select “clan wars” as a filter. I also recruit on forums daily and have a WhatsApp group chat to encourage activity and communication. Going pretty well! Able to run 40 v 40 TH8-11 wars rn, and only started rebuilding this year

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    Only thing is to keep posting recruitment threads and inviting people that are searching. You’ll get a few here and there and if all goes well they’ll get their friends to join. Expectations are pretty much 1 or 2 out of 100 direct invites and maybe another 1 or 2 from the recruitment threads during a span of about 1/2 month. For instance since Jan we got 2 from recruitment/invites and about 4 from members inviting friends. There may be another 3 from invites/recruitment thread that may join. But for the most part you pretty much have to catch them in waves, we go a few months with no one joining and get 4/5 out of the blue.

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    Join a dead and/or dieing clan. Recruit the actives rinse and repeat until clan is full...

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    Absolutely Correct. Clashers aren’t stupid & can see straight through a Smokescreen. Give them what they want & tell them what’s expected in return and it should be fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Clash12344321 View Post

    That is only if you have a clan that seems appealing to other forumers, though.

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    Limits like fear are often just an illusion
    It's pretty difficult to recruit for a new clan or clan which is more or less dead.If your clan is new or dead,you need to first build a solid core group that will stick with you.
    You can try recruiting from forum,reddit, or discord.
    Discord in particular is really helpful to get recruits.There are many clash discord server where you can put your clan's advertisement.I have linked the biggest reddit discord server.
    Discord is working very well for us.We get 10+ players joining our server looking for a clan daily.Now we only recruit TH13s for our main clan with just a message in clan advert that we also have feeders.As a result our feeders also get recruits without much effort.

    If you have a solid core then your main focus should be on advertising your clan.
    You have to think from a player(who is looking for a clan)'s prespective.What would you look for, when you join a clan.

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