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Folks, don't get me wrong.

I fully support this forum as it in fact offers a great opportunity to the players to state their views and share ideas.

My only concern is that due to the fact that SC won't respond, all these posts and threads might not be so effective and efficient.
If there would be more feedback available about all these ideas including reasonable explanations - especially when ideas have been raised over and over again - the amount of re-raises could be minimized and players would be happier as they could understand what SC thinks of their ideas.

Currently it is hard to determine whether an idea has been notified by the developers, if there is already some activity started on or if these ideas sit on the bench waiting to get implemented (or ruled out).
As I said above, if they start responding to any here, they would then be expected to respond to everything here. Which would take significant resources away from actually developing the game, even if it was only one person (e.g.Darian) who actually writes the response - he still has to get the answers from the developers.

I can see why people would like to see responses, but it really would not be a good use of SC time.