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Thread: Seeking friendly active clan, th4 player

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    Talking Seeking friendly active clan, th4 player

    I'm town hall 4.
    Looking for a clan of active people who like to chat.
    Ideally 10-25 people, and a chill environment.

    I'm interested in making friends, and participating in clan wars and clan games.


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    Hi mate,
    We are a th4 - th8 clan and are in the process of recruiting.
    You would be a great addition for our clan!

    Clash Nation

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    Hey there,
    I am an experienced player, just started a clan of my own with 2 of my mini accounts.
    I also have a TH 11 and 10.
    I am looking for a few others that are interested in building a clan with me.
    I have experience in leading a clan, but it would be great to have a couple of great partners to share it with.
    PM me if you're interested, I can tell you more about my thoughts and if this would fit you!

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    Hi RJ2400, take a look at our Lvl4 clan. Very friendly and welcoming.
    There is absolutely no drama or conflict and we’re all here for the same reason, to have fun and enjoy the game!

    Level 4 Clan Tag: #29L890YGG
    Clan Name: We Found You 2
    Accepts TH10s and below.

    If you’d like to join, be sure to mention this forum thread in your request.

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