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Thread: Barbarian King attacking over a wall. (Defensive)

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    Question Barbarian King attacking over a wall. (Defensive)

    This is something that just happened not long ago. I tried to do a search here, but didn't find anything closely related.
    The King was jumping back and forth over a couple of walls in order to defend, until he ultimately stopped behind a wall to defend against my attacking Pekka. Initially I thought it's just a visual glitch, but after the Pekka goes down, you can see the King jump over the wall where he should have been to begin with.
    The attacking Pekka was a wall hitting piece directly in front of the King, also suggesting that it is not a visual glitch / bug, but rather the King attacking outside of his melee range (unless I am unfamiliar with this being a mechanic.)

    Here is a link to the video:
    I apologize for the poor video quality, but it'll do the job.
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