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Thread: Lava hounds

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    Lava hounds

    Are lava hounds worth using they take up 30 space and at lvl1 do hardly any damage plz tell me

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    Yes. They are not much useful on their own but can be used effectively with loons.The hounds tank for the loons while the loons destroy the base. Remember, the hounds have the highest hp for a troop in the game (7600 hp for max level).

    Once a hound dies, lava pups spawn- they are a lot faster and deal more damage but have low hp.

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    Lava alone are not useful but they can be used with loons and Lava Loon is a very powerful attack strategy.
    Below you will find a QC Lalo guide of the strongest variation of Lalo guide and it is viable across all TH. Hope this helps.
    TH9 Queen Charge Lalo Guide

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    Watch this video on how to attack with lava hounds and loons
    The best combo

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    LavaLoon is one of the strongest armies out there. I use it on my TH9 and it gets a 3 star about 90% of the time. Here's a video on how to use it:

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