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Thread: New troops, resources, defense

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    New troops, resources, defense

    I think there should be some new troops:
    New spells:
    Cloak spell - make some troop disappear for a few seconds
    New resources:
    steel or wood
    New defenses:

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    You should be as detailed as you can when suggesting an idea, rather than listing things.

    Cloak spell, there shouldn't really be a spell that a copy of the Archer Queen's ability.

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    Here, let me list reasons why we shouldn't add these, then why we should. (I feel we shouldn't.)
    Spearton- too much like Warrior hero
    Knight- Clash of Clans is not getting any more Clash Royale troops right now, especially the knight, which is basically a weaker PEKKA.
    Spy- Archer Queen clone.
    Drone- too far in the future for medieval times.
    Cloak Spell- Archer Queen clone, now in spells.
    Steel- Steel did exist in medieval times, but could not be mass produced until the 19th century, making it better as just a thing bought with gold.
    Wood- If it was like other resources, then trees and other plants would be very strange not dropping this. If trees and plants did drop this, it would be too much reward for so little pay.

    Why these could be added (unlikely, and some things will be left out if they have nothing going for them.)
    Spearton- Could be cool to get a single target ranged ground troop after so long. (Archer is the only one I can think of.)
    Spy- may dominate the meta, but could be SUPER fun to use as well.
    Drone- Builder Base intensifies.
    Steel- FINALLY something to use to upgrade defenses OTHER than gold.

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