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Thread: Add research upgrades to suggested upgrade list

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    Add research upgrades to suggested upgrade list

    Add research upgrades to suggested upgrade list
    Guys this would be a great idea because if ur like me you often forget about upgrading your troops. It would suggest the upgrade so we can max everything out for our TH then upgrade again. This is just something I thought would be useful to COC community. Thanks.

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    While I'm not opposed, the real question is how do you forget about upgrading your troops?
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    We already have a rather intuitive interface for seeing all the lab upgrades under one tab. So I don't think the builder suggestions should include lab stuff- it will become cluttered if both are shown together. If it's something like shown on top of the lab or something, no problems.

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    I don't ever look at the "suggested upgrade panel"
    So, do you mean shows only "Research upgrade" <--
    or it shows you the exact troop type/ spells that should be upgrade.
    But in what order would it be

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    it's useless in every way

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