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Thread: UrLootMyUpgrade ... details inside ...

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    UrLootMyUpgrade ... TH8+ ... full details inside!


    Hello & Welcome to the Official Clan Rules & Details Page of UrLootMyUpgrade

    Thanks for taking an interest in joining the team!

    🔹️Clan Tag: #28U8CRPLY
    🔹️Clan Est: 02/13/2020
    🔹️Clan Lvl: 2
    🔹️Location: United States
    🔹️TH 8+

    [ ] About the clan:

    ⭐⭐⭐ War? Yes, 2x a week
    ⁉️ War search days? Thursday & Saturday
    ⏰ War search time? 6:30pm Arizona Time (8:30 pm EST)
    🔹️Allows members to upgrade during the week & war on weekends!

    🎪 Clan Games? Yes
    📍Everyone is required to participate in the clan games & max their points also. "Until all tiers are completed"
    ❓ Why? Because it helps the clan earn xp & items for all!

    🥇 Clan War League? Yes, once we have enough members.
    🔹️Players that meet the clans requirements.
    🔹️Serious players only, someone who's in it for the long haul.


    🤮 🤣Requirements to join:
    *no exceptions*

    📍Non-Rushed Base or Fixing it? "not too rushed tho"
    🔹️Correctly upgraded bases as a whole make a strong clan.
    🔹️Buildings, Traps, Walls, Troops, Spells, & even Hero's
    "Buildings usually get done sooner than lab upgrades and hero's. This just means you will be a stronger defensive opponent during wars until you finish maxing everything else within the current TH lvl don't move on! Troop & spell lvls matter"
    *Building a clan is a process & this is part of it.

    📍Must be Active
    🔹️War schedule: Active
    🔹️non war schedule: daily/everyother day?

    📍Must Donate
    🔹️no donation ratio here request for troops non-stop.

    📍Must be Friendly
    🔹️NO drama

    📍Must be Mature
    🔹️mature players under 18 welcome.

    📍Must be a Team Player
    🔹️War stars are more important than war loot.
    🔹️Donations help
    🔹️Communication is a +


    ❓Clan Rules
    📍Yes rules lol, structure is also key

    1. Follow War Plans
    🔹️sent in clan mail

    2. Respect Donations
    🔹️including lvl if specified

    3. Read Clan Mail

    4. Don't RUSH TH after joining "instant kick"
    🔹️A notebook is used to mark new members off a list of who's read this for future knowledge. Once you completely finish reading everything, let it be known in clan chat please & thank you. I'll then check you off!

    5. Clan Chat
    🔹️English only "sorry"

    6. Read and understand the entire clans offical rules & details page
    🔹️Helps you decide if this clan is for you or not.
    🔹️Having every member on the same page creates a stronger clan also.


    🏆Official War Rules & Strategy

    📍Our goal here is simple: Teamwork and having every member on the same page for a smoother, less stressful war experience. Each war will be overviewed and planned accordingly as the war progresses. Than attack orders will be sent out.


    ❓War Rules?
    "I know, I know, more rules?"

    1. Follow war plan.
    🔹️Only attack your assigned enemy base.

    2. Use both attacks.
    🔹️your 2nd attack doesn't have to be used right away, but it needs to be used before the war ends!

    3. Use your 1st attack within 12 hrs.
    🔹️This is very important, get your 1st attack in so the war can be planned further and 2nd attack orders can be delivered.
    🔹️Failure to attack within 12hrs? "Instant kick"

    4. Save 2nd attack until new orders are sent out. "clan mail"
    🔹️The war will be over looked and planned accordingly.
    🔹️Orders will always be sent out with ample time to plan & attack.

    5. Players with the highest lvl troops are required to donate to war cc on war prep day.
    🔹️Any troops you decide, its your elixir & time - Thank You
    🌟Do this ASAP

    6. Respect donation request.
    🔹️During wars the lvl of troops matter. "Be sure to let members know it's a war request in the description & what troops you want" *be specific

    7. Never attack without cc troop.
    🔹️Dont forget to pull the enemy cc troops and take them out before continuing your attack

    8. Watch replays before using your 2nd attack.
    🔹️It helps knowing the enemy cc troops, trap placements etc.
    🔹️make a plan of attack for yourself

    9. Let all members assigned to loot within the attack orders be the first ones to attack.
    📍If there is anyone assigned to loot, that is.
    🔹️This allows those who have said base assigned to them to see the enemy cc troops etc. from the loot attack!

    10. TRY your best!


    Clan mail key for attack orders:
    ⭐means Attack

    💰means Loot
    🔹️Loot will be ordered to members who are no longer useful within the war. Before or after their 1st attack.
    🔹️You can loot anyone you want, and earn some upgrade resources.

    Possibly "sometimes":
    ⛔ means "save attack, you may need to clean 2 bases"

    🔹️find your base # ---> attack order ---> then enemy base #

    #1 ⭐ 1
    #2 ⭐ 2
    #3 ⛔ 3
    #4 ⭐ 4
    #5 💰 5
    and so on...


    ❓War Strategy
    "Just an explanation"
    📍EVERY WAR is different & every war may rely on your 2nd attack. We are a team, and the goal is simple, win wars. We are not in wars for loot, we are in wars to win!

    📋---Your first attack---📋
    📍earn as many stars from this attack as you possibly can, doing so will allow you and other members to use their 2nd attack more efficiently.


    📋---Your second attack---📋

    "again" ❌DON'T use this attack the war is being overlooked! "Instant kick if used prior to attack orders"
    "again"⭐2nd attack orders will always be sent out with ample time to plan and attack.
    📍doing this allows others to contribute to the war with their 1st attack. "Be a team player dont rush the war and take members bases"


    Simple enough?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and understanding that we, as a team, are counting on you to follow & obey these written rules/strategies for success as a team! Let go to WAR!!! 🤙
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    still looking for members, clan currently has 5.
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    Gamer Tag: #LRRGCCQGG
    Clan Tag: #28U8CRPLY

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    This is a very friendly clan with very friendly people. Very active, almost always 3+ people online.

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    Bump... clan is open again and looking for new members. If you happen to join, introduce yourself with a came from the forums message when you enter the clan! Thanks

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    Clan is still open, anyone that meeting the requirements and has fully read the above post is more then welcome. Starting another war soon, after the current one ends.

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