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Thread: UrLootMyUpgrade ... details inside ...

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    UrLootMyUpgrade ... details inside ...

    🎉Welcome to:


    🏆Official Clan Rule's & Detail's Page!

    Clan Tag: #28U8CRPLY
    Clan Est: 02/13/2020

    ❓War? Yes
    "2x a week"

    📍Search start time? 6:30pm Arizona Time (8:30 pm EST)

    📍When? Thursday & Saturday

    ❓Clan Games? Yes
    "during wars also"

    Why? Helps everyone earn free items that can help you!


    ❓About the clan?
    My Co-Worker and I have decided to post here in hopes of growing the clan with like minded players! Here @UrLootMyUpgrade we are currently focused on building a solid clan foundation with members who fit our requirements. If you meet the requirements, agree to the war strategy, & you're♥ willing to have patience during the clan building process your more than welcome to join and grow together!


    ❓Requirements to join:
    *no exceptions*

    📍Non-Rushed TH "or fix it"

    📍Active "daily/everyother day"

    📍Donate "no ratio, request non-stop"



    📍Mature "mature players under 18 welcome"

    📍Speak English

    📍Team Player

    ❓NOT Required to join:

    📍War "not everyone has to war"


    ❓Clan Rules
    "any rules broken? You'll be kicked"

    1. Follow War Plans "clan mail"

    2. Respect Donations

    3. Read/Follow Clan Mail "not just the war plan"

    4. Dont RUSH TH

    5. Chat "English"

    6. Respect everyone "we are a team here, jokes always welcome"

    7. Clan Games "everyone must help"

    8. Read & understand these rules/details


    ❓Earn Elder?
    "status shows your a true member"

    ⁉️How Active are you?

    ⁉️Donation #'s?

    ⁉️War Performance?


    ⁉️Game Knowledge

    ⁉️Help w/Anything or Anyone?


    ❓Clan Vision/Goals?
    "simple goals for a new clan"

    📍 10-15 loyal members to build a clan foundation with

    📍Build a solid war team

    📍lvl clan up

    📍New friendships


    🏆Official War Rules & Strategy

    📍Our goal here is simple: Teamwork and having every member on the same page for a smoother, less stressful war experience. Each war will be overviewed and planned accordingly as the war progresses.



    1. Set Clan War Preference to the correct option.
    "within your profile you will see a clan wars tab, click it and choose the correct option."

    ⭕Requirements to war:
    ⛔Option [I'm in]

    🔻Troops/spells aren't rushed.

    🔻Walls aren't rushed.

    🔻Defensive buildings aren't rushed.

    🌟 Fresh THs that were maxed in the previous TH, keep this option!!!

    ⭕Required if you don't meet our war requirements.
    ⛔Option [I'm out]

    🔻You won't be able to war during war set scheduled times.

    🔻Catching up your rushed base

    🔻You dont war
    🌟"important you change this option if you dont war"

    💥If you dont meet the requirements to war you will not be added into the war, if you dont use this coc feature and change your option, you will be kicked.

    2. Follow war plan.
    "Only attack your assigned enemy base."

    3. Use both attacks.
    "your 2nd attack doesn't have to be used right away, just before the war ends!"

    4. Use your 1st attack within 12 hrs. "this is very imortant, get your 1st attack in so members can use their 2nd attack and not wait on you"

    5. Players with highest lvl troops are required to donate to war cc for defense. "Any troops you personally decide to donate, its your elixir & time- Thank You"
    🌟Do this ASAP

    6. Respect donation request.
    🌟During wars lvl of troops matter. "Be sure to let members know it's a war request in the description"

    7. Save 2nd attack until new war strategy is posted. "clan mail"
    🌟The war will be over looked and planned accordingly, new war attacks will be sent out!

    8. Watch replays before using your 2nd attack. "know the enemy cc troops, trap placement, make a plan of attack for yourself"

    9. Never go into battle without cc troops.

    10. TRY your best!


    ❓War Strategy

    📍EVERY WAR is different & every war may rely on your 2nd attack. We are a team, and the goal is simple, win wars. We are not here for individual play or personal goals.

    📋---Your first attack---📋

    📍"earn as many stars from this attack as possible, doing so will allow you and other members to use their 2nd attack more efficiently"

    #1 ⭐ 1
    #2 ⭐ 2
    #3 ⭐ 3
    #4 ⭐ 4
    #5 💰 5
    and so on...

    Clan Mail Key:
    ⭐means Attack "earn as many stars as possible"

    💰means Loot
    "Loot will be ordered to members who are no longer useful within the war. Before or after their 1st attack"/"you can loot anyone you want and earn some upgrade resources"


    📋---Your second attack---📋

    📍DON'T use this attack until you receive attack orders! "Instant kick if used prior to attack plans"
    ⭐2nd attack plans will always be sent out with ample time to attack.

    ⁉️ doing this allows others to contribute to the war with their 1st attack. "Be a team player"


    Simple enough?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and understanding we, as a team, are counting on you to follow & obey these written rules/strategies for success as a team! Let go to WAR!!! 🤙
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    still looking for members, clan currently has 5.
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    Clan Tag: #28U8CRPLY

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    This is a very friendly clan with very friendly people. Very active, almost always 3+ people online.

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