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Thread: SSW LVL 15 Constant War|Clan Games Max|Recruiting TH10+|Relaxed 18+| CWL Crystal

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    SSW LVL 15 Constant War|Clan Games Max|Recruiting TH10+|Relaxed 18+| CWL Crystal

    Hey all, SSW is recruiting and trying to get back to enough actives for a 30 v 30 CWL. Until then we will be doing 15v15.

    We are currently in Crystal League II. Just won our last war league!

    Clan chat isn't always very active, but we are very good with donations.

    We normally war multiple times a week, but it is never mandatory to be in war. (opt out if upgrading heroes or spell factories)

    Follow the war plan. Lower town halls attack first so the higher ones can clean up. Always use both attacks.

    We always max out points in clan games. Just be active and help get points.

    No need to worry about donations if you're a lower TH, we always try to donate max lvl troops even for farming.

    What we are looking for:
    18+ English speaking players
    No rushed bases
    People who contribute to clan game points
    We're just here to have fun

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    10 spots available!!!

    Currently 1st place in CWL!!

    Maxing out on clan games again!
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    I potentially have 9 bases looking for an active clan for max clan games, casual but serious clan wars and CWL.

    My clan is in masters 1 right now we just donít have people

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    We have the spots for 9 people to join, we are currently 39/50. Feel free to come on over =)

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