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Thread: Rushed but maxing th9

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    Rushed but maxing th9

    I'm trying to farm but it's hard when noone is ever on to donate. I'm just looking for a clan to do clan games in and farm but am willing to war as well. #LPQPRU82P

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    Check out our clan
    Name: war lover's
    Tag: #28YVJGRQQ
    You are welcome in our clan.

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    Clan level: 1

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    Hey mate,
    I have just started up a th 8/9 ONLY war and push clan. I made this so that th 8/9 can come when they reach th 8 and grow with us and learn the best attacks for th 9 from extremely experienced clashers such as myself. I also have a th 11 account which I can bring into the clan on occasions to donate if need be for war and pushing. We are a 4 win war streak and hopefully going for a 5th! I am in co leader said with another clasher.


    Hope to see you soon, Royal Champion.

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