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Thread: Display percentage to max townhall completion

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    Display percentage to max townhall completion

    Show the percentage that a player has achieved towards maxing out at their townhall level. Example: 56% Max. This will help in recruiting, deciding who to attack and motivating clan members to not upgrade the townhall too soon.

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    How do you propose that such a calculation be performed? Are all upgradeable units considered equal? For example, if a base has 501 upgrades to get to max, with 1 Archer tower to go, and 250 wall sections -2 from max (hence section each require 2 upgrades, or 500 total), how would that factor in? All Lab upgrades (Troops and Spells) equal to a structure? I am a new TH 11, have 6 cannons at the max for TH 10 (level 12). Those cannons can now be upgraded to level 14. Hence from the "old" cannons I have 6x2 = 12 unit upgrades from max. But... I also get a new 7th cannon! Once I place the new cannon, it has 13 more levels to go! Would that one cannon really be weighted more than the other 6 combined?

    Not so simple, is it? Base upon total time? Then walls for example have zero value, a truely maxed 13 has the same % as a TH 13 with all level 1 walls? Base upon cost? Then higher upgrade levels carry greater impact than lower levels.
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    If it did, I would think each single resource count as one% divided by all needed resources and times that to each correspond structure (If excluding walls. walls are just LuLz) so technically every structure have a kinda fix %

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    Could easily list time until all buildings are maxed, time until heroes are maxed and amount of loot until walls are maxed. Each one is specific to the max for the specific townhall. Could also show the stats for the lab. I’m thinking something like a stats page that would help with planning and give you an idea where you stand within the current TH

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    Strategic rushing is the fastest and most efficient way to max out and reach the endgame content. In no way should this play style be discouraged because it is one of the ways to play the game. It would be hard to quantify how much percent each player has left to max out each townhall especially when strategically rushing. Unless, the percentage is in relations to how much one has until the absolute max the game has to offer at that point in time.

    Besides that, this function of displaying percentages is actually available on many clash fansites like pixelcrux for mapping out your progress.

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