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Thread: Thanks but no thanks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulettes View Post
    Wow Lynn you have over analysed my response me thinks!!
    its a saying where Iím from, simply me working hard. No hidden meaning or agenda...
    I understand what you mean, think itís a British saying, Iím U.K. too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VulcanforHayDay View Post
    I do not think it was the virus that caused the loss of goal - after all, if everyone is stuck home what better way to pass the time than to play HayDay?? It may be because there was not enough people who wanted that deco. I did not participate because I did not want it. Just offering another point of view. Sad for those who did want it, but that is the gamble of a global event.
    that was my initial reaction, but then it occured to me that they can be Ďbig spendersí who are maybe unable to spend on things like this now while their economy/income is in such trouble.

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