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Thread: Lock System for queue

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    Lock System for queue

    We know that troops from queue will be added to army camps when there's a space/spaces.

    But,troops that will be added to army camps first are troops that stand in the first line of queue EXCEPT for donation,troops which been donated will be gone and same troops from queue will be added to army camp automatically.

    I think this should be changed,i have an idea to give a LOCK SYSTEM for this,any troops from queue will NOT be added to army camps automatically.

    The reason i give this idea so we can focus to ATTACK with troops we make in army camp and use TROOPS in queue for DONATIONS.

    This will be so helpful i think.our troops in army camp and in queue will not be MIXED when we attack NOT with all troops we have.

    I think it's enough for us to delete troops from our army camp that's not needed for our attack and remake or cook their again for donations.

    So,what will SUPERCELL/developer Clash oc Clans think about this?

    I hope my idea will be response as soon as possible

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    This is a variation of a donation queue. It's a commonly mentioned. That's why no one has really responded.

    Perhaps read a few threads in IFR including the stickies before starting threads.

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