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Thread: Reduce Upgrade Time of Higher TH Only

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    Reduce Upgrade Time of Higher TH Only

    Dear supercell can you please reduce the upgrade time of buildings and troops for only Town hall 12 and 13 because on town hall 12 each troop and building have upgrade time of 14 days, that is so huge and because of that I can only upgrade 2 troops in a month and waiting that much of time and then seeing that I have just upgraded 4 troops in past 2 months, That really makes us so disappointed and Make us feel to their is no worth in playing coc. Sorry for saying that but please understand my words and I hope you guys will take a look on my post.

    Thank You
    Love From Your Old Coc player 😅

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    With the availability of magic items, you can completely bypass the time required to upgrade stuff. Hammers, books, builder potions etc. So it's not bad as it sounds. You can simply upgrade the troops and spells you usually use in one stroke if you want. The rest of the spells/troops are not of higher priority since they are rarely used if you ask me.

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    Higher th have no more claim to needing shorter times than any other th.

    Everyone is the same boat and the main reason people might be at a disadvantage is they face a person who upgraded earlier than them. But that still doesn't mean more advanced th are unbeatable. Within a few weeks, you quickly become that person who upgraded earlier than the newer th that faces you.

    With maxed th13 being out now, there's obviously no real issue.

    Everyone wants cheaper and shorter upgrades. It doesn't mean we need them.
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    Of course they will. Eventually.

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    There isnt a current need to reduce th12 and 13 times. They arent that bad. PLus they give us teh gold pass which gives us 20% dicount on price and time. which the higher the base time the higher the discount. We get books and runes and potions as well. The gold pass more than makes up it worth. Also they need to make money somehow those deals on books that come through once or twice a week help a lot for those willing to spend money. Supercell can't make a better came ADD FREE without people spending money into the game.

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    you asked for a shorter duration, OK fine say they reduced the time but the cost remains the same will you want them to reduce the costs in elixir and dark alright hypothetically speaking they reduce the cost but now every base you hit only offers 100k elixir and 500 dark because the economy is broken what more would you want? reduced build time's for heroes and defenses?: because your lab is ahead of buildings

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