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Thread: I said this a milion time "ADD DECIMALS"

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    I said this a milion time "ADD DECIMALS"

    It has been really frustrating to see the gem mine create 3 gems a day with total labor and pain. And when you wait two days, boom! 5 and you still have one left, wait for it from 1 minute to a third of a day to get it. Add decimals to both villages so we can know exactly what we are dealing with.


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    Adding further precision won't result in higher gem production. Perhaps pay your gem miners more as incentive ?

    If your sweating over 1 gem, there are plenty of other ways to acquire gems.
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    I thought it's rounded down, and it's not like a bid deal that "gem mine" affects your game play a lot

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    But where have you said it? To your clan mates, friends or to yourself? Because on forum, I can only find 2 posts from your side.

    On the matter of the post, I guess it'll be same even if they show the gems in decimals. Because it won't be like you can pick up 2.57 gems from your gem mine. And, it takes no labor and pain for gem mine to provide gems. Nobody can even raid that part of the base to loot them from you. Just max it for once and it'll be all set with no extra effort.

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