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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2kPewterSS View Post
    Does anyone else feel that TH13 is out of balance with defense superior to offense? Been consistently active in legend league 2 plus years now, max army except for the new hero......I am struggling to consistently two star and not even sniffing three stars for a while now. Trying to determine if it is funneling and fundamental issues on my part or if the balancing really is lopsided currently. Thank you!
    I'm sure there are some others who think the same as you, but there are othrs who think the exact opposite - see this thread

    Personally, I think the balance is reasonable at the moment.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    Interesting. I think sometimes using a new army is challenging, but with defenses geting maxed out Legends is not as easy as it was when we had a new hero, and new troop levels, and few had designed bases for TH13 yet. Yes it is more challenging now than when the update dropped, but shouldn't we expect that? At some point defense catches up with the offense and bases get harder. It should be possible to 3* a base but it should not be common....besides not everyone in Legends is a great attacker...I am certainly not expecting all 2* and 3* everyday. I know i will get a couple of 1s because some bases I just cannot figure out how to hit..let's be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyH4oBG View Post
    If the TH is really isolated you should save the Blimp Yetis for it.
    Or are you attacking with Siege Barracks Hogs CC?
    Today, I tried hybrid with blimp filled with yetis & it just didn't helped me. I trippled once (it was also very close one) & got 2 star on each remaining attacks but the percentage I was getting was barely 70% which is quite low when I attack with Siege Barracks filled with hogs.
    I got only 181 trophies today, while I get 200 plus trophies with Siege Barracks hogs combination, Eventually I admit that I get 1 or 2 one stars daily with Siege Barracks hog combo but averagely I get nearly 85-90% on every attack which gives me more trophies compare to blimp yeti combo.
    I think blimp yeti combo can be used in wars or cwl where you know the base design before attack so you can plan accordingly & for legends I think siege barracks hogs combo is more profitable.

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    I think the balance at th13 is pretty good. Just did a 15v15 war against a very good champs one clan who finished last cwl in a high spot.

    We are a happy go lucky champs 2 clan (made champs 1 but didn't last too long there,working on getting back up)who wins about 2/3 of our wars.

    Their bases and heroes were a tad more developed,but no great disadvantage to us.

    Their bases were a lot better designed and harder to attack and we only managed 3 triples to their 12 and have increased their win streak to 30.

    Sometimes the enemy is just better. The failure on our part is not down to defence being too strong,more the clever base design. The success the enemy got was down to their skill,and our not so clever base design.

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