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    I have a Town Hall 13 and am in Titan League. However I am not limited to having to attack the one given as I aim to keep my Trophy count just below the 5000 mark.

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    Don't easily dismiss the word "time". Number one reason people quit the game... "time".
    Supercell - add a button in Clash to stop the screen from shaking during attacks please!

    Edit: March 30, 2020 they did! Thank you Supercell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mooclashes View Post
    Don't easily dismiss the word "time". Number one reason people quit the game... "time".
    Is that so? I guess you have data that we don't have then. ;-)

    And no, "time" isn't the number one reason why people leave the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    4912 builder days with 5 builders is 982 days each or 2.69 years. Not taking magic items into consideration, I still don't see where your 5 years comes into play.

    And as a side note, you don't need a max base to have fun playing the game.
    Agreed and those magic items are huge. Active players always could upgrade faster than the rate at which new content was added, then they reduced build times, then they added magic items, then they reduced build times some more, then they added hammers, then they reduced build times some more, etc. There is no reason to think build times won't get reduced again in the future. So, we can't count up the time we think it takes to get to th12 now, then add what it takes to max th13, then add what we think it will take to max th14 and say that is the total time for a new player. That ignores the fact that when th14 is released, other build times will likely be reduced, so by the time that new player gets to th13 it will be faster than it is now (th12 too probably).

    And I agree you definitely don't have to be max to have fun playing the game. Anyone who joins brand new for that purpose only I think is likely to quit before they hit the long build times anyway. Players that enjoy raiding, getting loot and upgrading stuff over the long term are the ones likely to play a long time. That is what this game is.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. Click here for how cc troops deploy ( it depends) and more here. How is war map placement of max halls determined?, see answer here. Thank you SC for the new legends! However, how to fight collusion here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Is that so? I guess you have data that we don't have then. ;-)

    And no, "time" isn't the number one reason why people leave the game.
    Darian does all the exit interviews so knows a lot more than we do.
    Quote Originally Posted by kajid View Post
    Loot difficulty has gone up again today by 2.5% Why do they keep increasing the loot difficulty this makes the game not worth playing and before you all say there is more inactive bases and less active players it still shouldn't be a 2.5% increase in difficulty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Is that so? I guess you have data that we don't have then. ;-)

    And no, "time" isn't the number one reason why people leave the game.
    I guess it's failing to learn how to 3* while they still haven't given up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctaire View Post
    Look at the cumulative rather than individual items. There are 4912 Builder days from 0 to max TH13 right now. An F2P player could reach maxed TH10 in his first year (not TH11) assuming he plays pretty steady/hard. Maxed TH13 would likely be 2-3 years from there, depending upon how active he plays. In the time it takes to max TH13 from starting today, TH14 would definitely be out and likely even TH15, adding another 1-2 years. So, new F2P players starting today are looking at a solid 5 years to reach the end-game.

    Like all games, Clash has churn in its player base. Everyone Iíve tried to get into this game has declined because of how long it takes to get to the top tier of the game and how much money they would have to invest to get there in a reasonable amount of time. No one who had previously played will even consider coming back for the same reasons and some of them were already at TH10.

    Existing players complain that the newest content takes too long not simply because they want to max immediately or because it costs so much but because of the way it impacts gameplay. TBH, I do NOT enjoy playing when my heroes are down for upgrades. IMHO, itís flat out no fun. TH13 introduced ***40*** new levels of heroes! Even with spending, Books, Hammers, and the Gold Pass, I still have 6 levels to go on my GW. On my games where I do not spend, my heroes are nowhere close to maxed and probably will not be anytime in the near future.

    I suspect the bulk of existing players are a couple years from the end-game, but thereís churn to consider there. Lots of folks quit after a year or so, when they realize theyíre on a 3-5 year journey that keeps getting pushed further out by the addition of new levels. The funny thing here...even with all the time reductions, and faster progress, itís still somehow a 3-5 year journey for new players. And new players are needed to keep the game going.

    Keep in mind - Iíve never said the build/upgrade side of the game should be ended. To a point, itís both fun and very satisfying. I am of the opinion it has reached the point itís too long now - directly affecting gameplay / player satisfaction - and that we need other forms of player engagement to become the core draw if the game is to last. For top tier players, the core of the game should not be build/upgrade - that should be part of the game, but with a slower content release schedule.

    For example, the TH13 release was huge. Right out the gate we got the TH upgrade, 2 new defenses, several new troops/spells, and a boatload of new defensive upgrades. Next month weíll likely get about a third to half as much more. Thatís way too much way too fast for these upgrade times. It should be more evenly rolled out over the course of 18 months - or broken into 2 TH levels - with something else to be the general focus that maintains player engagement.

    Who knows...maybe theyíll surprise us all with another mode of play. Personally, I think that was what the BB was supposed to be and still could be if they fixed the problems there and gave it tournaments. Theyíve been pretty adamant that the BB is not on the 2020 project board though. They seem fixed on adding to the grind and I just do not see that as healthy long term.
    Honestly I think trying to define the numbers as specifically as you do is only detracting from the argument here. There are lots of goodies for F2P players to help speed things up, and trying to accurately determine how much time is actually required is always going to end up as a rough guess. Suffice to say, your estimates are very much over stating a worst case scenario, and you are having to defend those number rather than arguing the actual point you are trying to make.

    The real point of the argument is not how long it will take a player who starts today to get to max, the point is very much limited to the scope at TH13 itself. The discussion on whether or the not the Gold Pass is what prompted the extended build times is extremely relevant, and it all very much begs to ask the question, did Supercell create the gold pass and then intentionally remove the benefit it gives by extending all their new contents. Honestly, it make perfect sense that people feel annoyed by the latest update and the build times associated with TH13, given how it looks.

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    I have not bought a gold pass or spent money on this game on my TH13 account since the Gold Pass that contained the Pekka King, which was before TH13 came out. So, I've been F2P since the TH13 release, and I stay in Legends League so I don't have to worry about loot dry spells.

    --I saved up and used Hammers of heroes on my Archer Queen, eventually getting her to 70 just with hammers.
    --I used every Book of Heroes I would collect on my Grand Warden, using Elixir on him. He got 1 HoH to push him to 70 about a few days ago. I did live without him for 7 days or so (builder potions used) after the most recent CWL.
    --Royal champion is going to 13 as we speak. I've missed her, but her shorter upgrade times meant she would be the one to go under the hammer. With the Warden finished, she'll get all BoH from here forward.
    --Barb King still sets at 65, so haven't touched him yet. He's going to get all HoH here forward, which will be about 2 per month.

    So, once my RC wakes up from her current nap, I probably won't have to play the game with her down much anymore. Maybe 1 week per month, depending on how many BoH are in Clan Games, silver pass, etc.

    As for buildings, I won't be that close to max. I've been focusing on traps for the most part aside from the town hall and getting the new defences out to play. I did max the Air Defenses and 1 scattershot, plus all the storages, and 1 final yeti barracks is under the hammer. All in all, probably about half way done there or a little more. But honestly, I don't care that I have more to upgrade, and I'm quite content just moseying along with 5 active builders and the 6th on reserve for walls. I wasn't 100% max on walls prior to TH13, so I'm still filling out TH12 walls mostly before I'll push them to TH13. They won't matter that much anyway...people are quaking or jumping everything now. So, a ways to go for this F2P player lately.

    Aside from this past 2 weeks since CWL finished, I haven't had to skip wars all that often. I just decided to bite the bullet for now. But it's honestly not a horribly off balance thing that I wouldn't expect from not having the Gold Pass anymore. It just took more discipline and a relatively easy decision to go RC-less for 2 weeks here, which probably won't have to happen again now since I don't have to use the BoH on the warden anymore.

    Food for thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tosti111 View Post
    The point is, you can have a ton of fun all the way through the journey if you choose. As many have said before on many different threads, if endgame is your only goal, you are missing most of the experience.

    Agree completely. Question is how can SC encourage this way of thinking....

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    Not sure i agree i am done already with my main base and working on maxing a second one now - however i do get gold pass every month so i know that helps - plus i did stock pile hammers in anticipation of 13 coming out. But still an all i already have a max 13 that will be nothing but a war / donation base until new content comes out and my second one has 69 walls left and the cannons all lab is done.

    Plus i do have 6th builder on both so that helps of course. i think if the times were too short peeps might grow weary of the game if they only had one base

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