We are an on the rise clan that needs starting members. If you do join we will help you grow and become better at this game we all hold close to our hearts. We are more eager to look for mature members who will earn my trust, (Pancakez, Leader), and also be a good impact on our clan. We hope to achieve with your help, active donations, high clan level, and most importantly fun. Keep in mind though, we are looking for non-rushed TH7+ with good walls. The Void Clan is an American clan, so we are sorry if we can't have you. We only have this because we don't want to have a language barrier keep us from progressing. We are also very strict on having active donations so we have a barrier of at least 350 units donated a season. Elder is earned by 1750 donations a season and Co-Leader being earned by gaining my, or another Co's trust please keep in mind that begging for it won't help your chances either. You can fill out an application below: Town Hall level :
Level of Archers :
In game name (IGN) :
Current level :

You can submit this by joining our discord: https://discord.gg/B4vBH8Q or instead join our clan: The Void Clan tag is #2P88JYUJV

Hope to see you soon!