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    There's a golden rule to poison cc. If you are at war, check range of the cc to assume where you are gonna trigger the cc and where your KS gonna meet them. Drop your poison timely in that meeting point so that it makes the troops come to it as soon as you dropped it (utilizing its full effectivity) and that would slow down all the troops, will kill all archers, minions and barbs and also all loons(!), and will make the Edrag ineffectual. This way, you ensure, enemy cc wont be able to hit your troops before being poisoned.

    Remember, using poison on their way is the best way. Most people drop poison on the tail of the cc troops, while they already started killing your heroes (maybe with chain lightning). But dont allow it to happen at all.

    Edrags particularly is very much useless if it faces poison before it started hitting. It would just die, before being able to damage.

    Expert clans almost never use Edragons in their war cc defenses for this reason.

    For those, wondering how would we scout on multiplayer raids? You can do that from your experience in war, use your eyes on the first 30 seconds of free scout, decide how would you deal the cc, if Edrag or Loons are in it and when to poison them.
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    Drag is slow to move and slow to fire. I have seen raged bowitch pass right by him, and he spends the rest of the time chasing to catch up. Not every time, but enough. Baby drag with valks, baby drag with a witch, even all minions have a better chance at disrupting an attack.
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    All max valks would massacre your miner/hogs and even your queen, but E-drag can't do that job in a glimpse

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    Fixing the electro dragon

    I am a town hall nine and have been bombarded with Electro Dragons in the enemy's clan castle. The E-Dragons are extremely overpowered for when it comes to defending. I have level four valkeries, and the E dragons just wipe them right out of existence in two swift shocks. I cannot continue encountering this as it is unfair to players that haven't unlocked the troop to have to encounter it. AND, the dragon is so slow that it takes like 30 seconds to lure it far enough from the base to actually deal with it that its just a waste of time since that's less time to attack.

    My suggestion to fix the problem....

    Either Nerf the electro dragon so that it doesn't have such a shock chain and/or damage, OR, increase the housing space of the electro dragon from 30 to 35 so that only town hall ten and up can have excess to this extremely overpowered troop. This would balance out the troop and the excess to it. Also, it will encourage players to have a better defense. I have already lost at least ten attacks because of the Electro Dragon. Please do something about it and please reply soon.

    BTW, I was sent here from clash of clans help and support, and they told me this is a good suggestion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperHelp View Post
    I cannot continue encountering this as it is unfair to players that haven't unlocked the troop to have to encounter it.

    increase the housing space of the electro dragon from 30 to 35 so that only town hall ten and up can have excess to this extremely overpowered troop.
    I don't think even TH10 can unlock E-dragons. Should they push it to 40 housing space?

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    Step 1) Learn to pull the edrag.
    Step 2) Bait it to a corner with an archer or barb (2-3 if need be).
    Step 3) Once in corner drop lvl 10+ archer queen along with a high level poison spell.
    Step 4) Use aq's ability if necessary.
    Step 5) Run your attack as you normally would.

    This is the 2nd thread in under a week with someone complaining how "op" edrags are on defense.
    They are one of the worst troops to have on defense as they are so easily defeated.
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    TH9 has AQ and high enough troops to kill defending eDrag. If you are seeing a lot when attacking adjust your army accordingly or surrender before committing to a losing battle.

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    When I am attacking with my level 3 electrodragons, they just get wiped away in matter of seconds ... a few weeks ago I even thought about launching a thread to BUFF the dragon, because they just get killed so badly while taking so long to spew a single lightning chain. I didn't know it was that bad for lower townhall players ... Well the support quite always told me I had good Ideas, but never have they been put into the game, and after finally giving in to the support agents on joining the official forums, my frustration just rose, as the things I keep knocking my head against in the game, are solid state solutions/last strongholds against exploits and/or simply too much effort for the devs to fix. Afterall I only get the impression of the game to be made just entertaining enough to keep the playerbase together, while bringing maximum profit to the Developer team. But this is actually a game of the players too and not of the developers only. But I bet one of the next replies will be "well, learn to counter the dragon then and/or use a different army" because thats actually the spirit of the game, to counter literally any odds and still win the battle. To me the electrodragon is not that big of a deal to clear out of the enemies clan castle afterall, but I can Imagine how you feel after a dozen lost attacks. However a nerf would be really dissatisfying to me personally, because then these dragons would become even less useful. And sadly your best bet right now might really be to just learn how to counter the dragons on attack, even If the nerf is soon to come. Make sure to back your valkies up with wizards, as they tear down the e-dragon pretty quickly, thats what I do ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperHelp View Post
    increase the housing space of the electro dragon from 30 to 35 so that only town hall ten and up can have excess to this extremely overpowered troop. This would balance out the troop and the excess to it
    I understand your frustrations. When I was th 9/10 it was very difficult to attack against a e-drag. I ended up farming dead bases to ignore this issue. They arenít going to nerf it because I agree with some of the people in this thread with the fact that it could use a buff for attacks. I however agree with your idea of making it 35 housing space. I originally thought it was 35 when it came out.
    I think making it 35 housing space would also balance out war attacks with the fact that th 9s who are inexperienced with attacking the e-drag lose against other th 9s in war with them. Also if you use lavaloonian and an e-drag to back it up against a th 9 you can destroy them if they donít have a defending e-drag.

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    You need to fully understand that max e-drags can one shot low level queens (esp. in th9).

    Learn how to lure out the cc and allocate troops/heroes to kill the cc. TH9 is not that hard nowadays. All you need is practice and practice and practice. TH9 is the new TH8 or maybe even TH7.
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