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Thread: Could we get a Clan activity rating? As well as a preferred setting for clan search

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    Could we get a Clan activity rating? As well as a preferred setting for clan search

    First feature:

    Finding a clan that has active members is pretty hard now. Could we get a feature that takes the number of users that are active (as in use chat, open the game, or donate/receive)

    Id say that theyd have to be active as defined above for a certain amount of time to be counted in. For example: If a clan has 50 people and only 4 people are active, they would get 8%. If a clan had 35 people, and 12 were active, it would be a 34%. In order for people to understand the rating, we would need a word that indicates what the percentage means. So the clan activity rating would say x% (very active:active/inactive)

    Second feature:

    An option in clan search should be added to set preferences for clan search that will be applied every time we open clan search. Right now, if I wanted to apply for multiple clans I would have to: Select clan location, scroll through at least 130 locations just to get to the US, then close that. Tap to whatever amount of clan members I want, then change clan points, clan level, etc. It gets excessive, but the worst part is when you select a clan to apply to, you have to re enter everything again! There should be an option to set our preferred settings and have it auto apply as soon as we open up clan search.

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    I don't think this idea is very good, I actually think it would do more harm to the game than good. Activity is very subjective and as such it would be very wrong to label clans with such a subjective label.

    Not to mention it would destroy rebuilding clans before they've begun.
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