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Thread: Clash of Clans Matchmaking and Trophy System Is UNFAIR

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrandyBalwin View Post
    Simply attack more than you are attacked and use your shield and guard effectively. It’s quite simple.
    Yep, until you reach the point where your hall level really holds you back anyway. I don't think OP is reading this or here for a discussion anyway. It appears he created an account to post one complaint and then hasn't been back to discuss.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. Click here for how cc troops deploy ( it depends) and more here. How is war map placement of max halls determined?, see answer here. Thank you SC for the new legends! However, how to fight collusion here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pb913 View Post
    Why do you want to go to Crystal so bad? Trophies really don't matter to the game unless you are trying to get the Gem bonus for hitting certain levels. For those its simply best just do your normal farming and let you reach those levels naturally. You will at somepoint simply by getting stronger. The alternative, is to simply attack more each day....getting higher is often more about how active you are, not how skilled you are.

    Getting into Legends is the other place where trophies matter. Try getting to 4987 10-15 trophs at a time...then get hit by a 43 2star....

    Right now I'm that, don't feel like doing 8 attacks a day, so I'm in Titans getting 3 stars on people trying to get to Legends. So bad I know...
    Sounds like belong there!

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