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Thread: Clash of Clans Matchmaking and Trophy System Is UNFAIR

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    On my TH9, I will not attack a TH8 unless it’s fat with loot. If you’re fat with loot, consider going to TH9. There’s literally zero reason to stay at TH8 once you’re maxed unless you like being permamaxed for some reason.

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    so you are a maxed th8, high in cups, and you think you should only match other th8’s? why do you think that would be ‘fair’? you match based on your cups, go higher, match higher bases that simple. if you don’t like matching th9s drop lower. alternatively upgrade to th9, then you can push up even further and whine when you match th10s

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    people below legends care about losing trophies?!?

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    Everybody gets smashed on defense. Weather it is loot or trophies you are trying to find spending the gold and finding good offers is important. It is also important to take more when you are attacking (easily done with a few attacks if taking the right bases) than you lose while defending. Good luck.

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    As people have already suggested, if you can't progress to crystal then maybe its time for a little upgrade on that town hall

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    Th7s and 8s go to legends regularly, so couldn’t call your present dilemma concerning reaching crystal, unfair. You’ll never progress trading a defend for an attack. You have to trade multiple successful attacks for a single defend. Next a lot and forget about defending, you can’t.

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    Just 2 things
    1.either up your th and catch up or
    2. Drop your league simple as that

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    Old times as a th8? LOL
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    If you are a town hall 8 just dont worry about trophies get the cheapest army you can and try farming to max everyday. Do as much attacks as you can. Even if your opponent is bigger than you and you have no chance to take 1 star and he has a lot of resources aim for what you can. A dark elixir storage or exposed mines without spending much troops and move on.

    Your focus should be your next upgrade not crystal league. Hier tiers will come natural as you move up your town hall levels. Trophy pushing is not a fun way to play clash on lower town halls. Also join a clan with same or close town hall levels like yours and start a War or join with them in Clan War Leagues. This will test and improve your skill in attacking since you got to give your best shot with your best army and will help you improve. Do not be discouraged if you fail... just try to understand what you did wrong and ask yourself or clan mates how to improve.

    It's way more fun that way trust me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syntaxes43 View Post
    So... Someone with TH9, which is better than me, and why in the bloody hell my trophy is decreased by 34?

    Like, that's a lot of trophies for someone with an higher tier, defenses and troops attacks me which is lowe than him, SO UNFAIR! AND UPSETTING!

    I'm struggling to go to Crystal, AND I CAN'T REACH IT because of this!

    I've redesigned and redesigned my base all over again and still this happens, not just once, but all the time.

    Man, i've just upgraded my defenses to max out an TH8.... And just upgraded few troops.. and when i'm about to attack, i always being Matchmaked with an TH9, Darn it... And i only get less trophies when i'm attacking... Like WHAT?

    Not like the old times...

    How about you guys?

    Like c'mon Supercell....
    I donít know what you are whining about. The trophy system and shields are set up so that anybody with minimal skill can climb the ranks. Simply attack more than you are attacked and use your shield and guard effectively. Itís quite simple.
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