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Thread: Th13 trap(new trap)

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    Th13 trap(new trap)

    A bottomless pit where ground troops fall in. It lasts for a few seconds with a small radius of 4x4 tiles at first level. If it should be a dungeon in the base it should take in limited housing space.
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    pitfall was named as "leak" of coming ingame content in the past.

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    A "hole" trap was recently suggested with similar qualities. I'll find the link later so you can note the similarities.

    Here's one, but I know I've commented on another:

    Found it (this one has links to 12 others, possibly including the one above. Thanks, JohnnyPC):
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    How about a freeze trap that slows troops down for a few seconds. Could have a similar radius to the tornado spell and can be set to air or ground.

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    Are you referring to a spring traps that bury troops instead of flying them across another village?? With a duration
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