REQ - Clan Looking for clan mates to donate to newbies and help them grow
Warring is optional and Clan Games is encouraged.

REQ - Clan looking for Active teen to adult clan mates TH8 and up with non-rushed bases to participate in donations and be consistently active to supply them.


We are a newly founded level 1 clan recruiting active members to participate in donations. We are looking for teen to adult members townhall 8 and up. We offer assistance in developing your base and have relaxed wars and clan games. We have medium to high level donations for your clan castles and encourage clan talk. Our clan will achieve its best in order to make sure that we win wars, finish clan games and above all provide the best troops we can.

Certain rules are enforced in our clan these are:

1. We are an International clan. English is the staple language but feel free to also speak in your native tongue. We however would also like to make sure that you provide translation to it

2. You are encouraged by all means to participate in clan games

3. You must use both attacks in War and always fill your clan castle before attacking

4. Supply Giants, Wiz, Balloons to any person asking for donations. However should the donation be for war, Supply proper troops

5. Be courteous to clan members. Use of foul language or abusive language is highly discouraged

The clan provides a relaxed environment and offers assistance in Donations. During war, we do prefer that you do consult with other members on how to attack a base you donít know how to. If you cannot three star, try to go for at least two.

Still New and hate not getting a three star because of small differences? Join us we will help grow your account to its fullest.


Donations is our top priority, Join if you can provide medium to good troops. War will be always in order to grow the clanís level and hence why we encourage th8ís to also join us. Beginners are welcome as well.

Thank you for reading and we hope you join us!
Clash on!