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Thread: :( Mid th11

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    Hi mate,

    If you’re interested in a clan that does back to back war consider joining The Bailey III We are always looking for more players who know how to handle themselves in war! Clan chat wise we do respond but most of the time we are quite chill.

    Some basic info about us:
    - Recently reached level 9 and Crystal League 1 in CWL
    - Always max clan games
    - Takes war seriously(If you choose to opt in we expect you to use both hits according to targets assigned)
    - High win ratio (You can check out our war logs at clan link below)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkaderu10 View Post
    Hey guys, I am sick of the intricacies and responsibilities of leading a clan. I am a mid th11 with 40/50/18 heroes and 2012 war stars. Looking for a serious war clan that has a chill active chat. Look forward to seeing whats out there PM me for a player tag.
    We are an international adult clan. The chat may or may not be more chill than you are looking for, but if you are a discord user I am almost always on discord as I am a digital nomad working abroad. I really think the killing of global definitely hurt the in game chat as now there isn't much to do when you are waiting around for your heroes to come back up. Anyways we are on the look out for quality accounts, that are active in participation in wars. We have no issues maxing our clan games and have been doing well in CWL. Feel free to check us out.


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    Hello! we might be what you are looking for! we are a level 19, adults only, english speaking war clan, and a level 10 feeder clan. and we are EST based! check out our website here to read the clan rules and see if you meet the requirements - ...... And if you do you may apply to join our clan via the discord app here - ........ Look forward to hearing from you!
    Leader: BurntCreativity - Level 19 War Clan
    BurntInitiative - Level 10 Feeder Clan
    🔥Charred to Greatness🔥

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    English only speaking clan based out of the United States of America 🇺🇸

    Discord is mandatory to be placed in war:
    Leader is Austin#7017

    We MAX clan games every time

    Minimum requirements: TH9+ Non rushed and non Engineered
    We are looking for active members with great donation ratios that especially love to war. We do not leave donations sitting open and want new members that contribute to this.

    We are a full time war clan 💥🔥💥 but war is not demanded of all members at all times, if unable to war opt out for that time. We are serious about maxing clan games and very competitive in Clan war leagues. The bottom 2/3rds of players in war are required to use BOTH attacks within the first 12 hours of war. First attack on equivalent or the highest base that can be DEFINITELY be 3 starred. Second attack is for cleanup stars.
    Note: Missing attacks in war can result in immediate kicks

    Promotion requirements
    Leadership is constantly looking for members in the clan that are interested, capable, loyal, and determined to join the leadership team!
    Elder: Minimum of 1500 donations per season, respect for members, overall activeness, clan games, participation in war participation
    Co Leader: High level of leadership and skill, loyalty and trust of the Leader and other CO’s.

    Clan is invite only please apply in game. You can apply in game or through discord by messaging the leader: Austin#7017
    We hope to see you soon! 😎

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    We have a Captain to take over for ya. He runs a tight ship.

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    Come and Find us "Sequi Debent" currently on a 20 war win streak.

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    [Recruiting] Sakura of War Z | TH11+| Clan Level 12| Clan Wars/CWL/MAX CG| Active!

    Sakura of War Z is a level 12 clan (Clan Tag #PJ8YGGVV) that is designed for people who like to war but want to play in a stress-free environment where wars are not required and, if you mess up, you aren't yelled at. This is the perfect clan to learn the game and to develop your skills without any kind of pressure.

    We are currently looking for players who want to be part of a CWL-focused clan and who want to develop their war skills. We have not done CWL yet with this clan, so we should start in Gold!

    If you decide to join, mention "forums” and my name (Impound/OutlawStar) in your join request.

    Benefits and Requirements:
    - We always max out Clan Games (CG). No minimums required.
    - Top players always keep donations filled. No minimums required. If you do donate, only give what's requested.
    - Basic rule applies to war: use both attacks - that's all we ask. If your life is busy at the moment opt out. We don't accept excuses. Two 3-minute attacks in a 24-hour period is not a huge demand.
    - We play for 3 stars in regular CW, unless situation dictates otherwise.
    - Performance in wars determines opportunities given in Clan War Leagues. Everyone gets a chance to earn medals.
    - Participation in regular wars is not required, but participation in CWL is mandatory. As a new member, don't join our clan and then go on a 3-week vacation. Finish your time away from the game and then join us after you're ready to go full throttle again.
    - Elder is awarded to consistent contributors to wars and CWL (but mostly CWL).
    - Chat is active. Members log in every day and will respond to chat when it's there, especially on war days. Chat is courteous, constructive, and informative.
    - Players from all over the world are invited, but the clan is English-speaking and primarily from the U.S./Canada

    Discord is NOT mandatory but... HIGHLY Recommended!
    IGN: OutlawStar65X / Impound

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    Hello dkaderu10, I think you'd be a great fit here in Cryptonic! We're an active level 9 clan currently in gold league 2 for CWL, so you'd be on the middle high end of our town halls. You almost always get max level of the troop and siege machine donations you request within the hour, and last but certainly not least as a clan with an adult majority we realize life comes first and respect notices of inactivity.

    If you're interested, simply message me or request to join using this clan tag: #20G8PCYJ8

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