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Thread: Ai on everything

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    Ai on Troops

    Sure there’s a post on this already somewhere, but anyone notice how much worse the artificial intelligence has gotten on the troops. Queen hits an empty wall for 10-15 seconds then decides to hit say an eagle artillery that has been in range the whole time. Another example is say a champ is hitting a tower and an enemy king decided to attack the champ, your champ won’t retarget onto the enemy king. If the king decided to not attack your champ the champ retargets onto the king immediately. This game is starting to become unplayable.
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    The 100 million active players and $700 million would like to contest your reasoning

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    It was design that "troops action" is decided after every attacks.
    It is kind of dumb to watch as a human being, but you could always work around how it is designed.

    Treat it as a puzzle, even if you could crack it with force, it is designed to be played without force.

    p.s. Tho the worst experience is that troops travel over a wall to hit the enemy queen, after 5 seconds of running around a giant wall, the enemy queen hop back in, so my troops would run around the wall again to hit the Queen xDDDD, same in BB

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