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Thread: Mine tools for diamonds?

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    Mine tools for diamonds?

    Do mine items still give diamonds?i have always used mine items to get diamonds,and I would say that on the average (over last 3 years)I would get 2 diamonds for everyone 10 mine items!shovels seemed to give me the best luck,sometimes I would get 3!!the last few times I have tried to get diamonds with mine tools I have come up empty!today I used 38 picks,8 shovels,8 tnt,and 6 dynamite,and did not get 1 diamond!is there a possible glitch or has anyone else noticed this?

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    I still get them recently but do not keep track of the rate.

    One time I got 3 in a row.
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    I also still get them, maybe not as frequently as before but like Meo I don't really keep track.

    It seems to me that I get them most often from the tool that gives 3 ores (forgot the name for now ). Maybe every farm has a different one like the variations in LEMs, SEMs and BEMs. Also maybe the number of ores you need until you get a diamond increases with your level? Like the number of crops you have to harvest to get a free tool increases with your level? That's just my speculation though.
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    Here was a thread with a forumers experiment. I do not pay attention anymore either.
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    I only mine for derby tasks and I get three to four in each task.

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    I have 35 hungry smelters, so i mine a lot. Getting diamonds regularly. Maybe SuperCell nerfed the drop rate again? Can't tell.

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