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Thread: Th8 returning player(3years)

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    Th8 returning player(3years)

    Hey friends looking for active clan... lost my Other Id just playing for 2 months now looking for clan..

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    Join our clan we are mostly Town Hall 8/10 and are open

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    Hello ColdBlood, I think you'd be a great fit here in Cryptonic! We're an active level 9 clan currently in gold league 2 for CWL, so you'd be on the higher end of our town halls, which is just fine since we're trying to have larger regular wars in here pretty soon. You almost always get max level of the troop and siege machine donations you request within the hour, and last but certainly not least as a clan with an adult majority we realize life comes first and respect notices of inactivity.

    If you're interested, simply message me or request to join using this clan tag: #20G8PCYJ8

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    Check us out. We got a good mixture of old skool and new folks. Sequi Debent. Currently on a 21 war win streak.

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