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Thread: Th9 Maxed looking for Req n Go clan

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    Th9 Maxed looking for Req n Go clan

    Hello Everyone!
    My tag: #2RG8J9LQC

    I'm only looking for a clan of type REQ N Go which is ready to accept me as astaff member.

    About Me
    ▪︎22 years
    ▪︎Th9 maxed (queen 24 king 20)
    ▪︎ 653 War stars
    ▪︎118 Xp Level
    ▪︎No current plans on upgrading th
    ▪︎Active, war participation, friendly
    ▪︎Law abiding

    That shall be it..

    I've wanted to be a part of such clan always.
    I assure you on following clan policies strictly.

    And I would appreciate invites from a running clan in which donation could exceed huge numbers. My current donation is very less, around 30k as in my current clan, I really cant donate much because of presence of more high level players with particular requests.

    Thankyou very much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAvegas View Post
    Hello, thank you for sharing but as i said i need a req n go type clan only

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