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Thread: Th13 - 68/70/50/20

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    The Reprobates were formed in 2015 and are currently looking to replace some long time members who are no longer playing. We are a relaxed group who love the game but canít commit to a hard core environment due to work, school, family....just life in general. We will also consider a merger with a smaller clan.

    What we are really looking for is TH 11 and 12 for league wars. We are accepting all TH levels as long as itís not a rushed base. With the new war leagues we would like more TH 11and above so we can compete at a higher level. We can also bring newer players along as we have a lot of experienced clashers.

    We have very few rules other than donít be an idiot and contribute some fun chat when you are on. As a bonus, we have earned max rewards in every clan games.

    If we are something you are interested in please request in game and mention the forums and AZGUY. We are an adult, English speaking clan. Please mention age and location in request. #9V8RUGQV.
    If you have purchased a base please do not request unless you have 6 months at current base level.
    Thank you

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    We have 5 openings atm. If a merge looks good for both parties, we can open up 5 more.

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    AWW - #PC0VV2J0 Ė Clan Wars | Clan League Wars | Competitive**
    Aussie Wootwoot are a B2B adult war clan with a casual/competitive environment. Once a league clan participant, we now run B2B war spins. We are now looking for like-minded FP active members that understand the current meta in a casual/relaxed environment.

    ✏ Requirements:
    🚫No Engineered or Rushed Accounts
    🔖Th11 45/45/15+ (an even balance between offense and defence)
    🔖Th12 60/60/30+ (an even balance between offense and defence)
    🔖Th13 70/70/45/18+ (an even balance between offense and defence)
    must have been maxed TH12 prior to upgrade

    🔎Looking for: 🔎
    ⚡ War Warriors b2b Wars.
    ⚡ English Speaking
    ⚡ 3-star specialists or have a burning desire to become 3-star specialists.
    ⚡ SC CWL War/Clan games participants
    ⚡ Must use both attacks in war

    💎 Benefits: 💎
    ✔️ Mature Environment no drama
    ✔️ Maxed Clan Games
    ✔️ SCCWL
    ✔️ Constant activity
    ✔️ Good Donations
    ✔️ An active and organised discord server.

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    Sent you a friend request on discord. Would like to chat on there if you are willing. My discord name is coltssuperfan#6031
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    IGN: Coltssuperfan17 (lv155, TH10), Count deMoney (lv129, TH10)
    I reside in Reckoned Rebel and Wreck'ned Rebel. Check out RR! Check out WR!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PayEk View Post
    There is a total 10 developed th12s and 13s which are needing a new home. This is a very good opportunity for clans which are rebuilding or wanting to gather more developed accounts for upcoming CWL.

    Please contact me on discord: PayEk#0503
    Bro we have 13 space left in our clan(lvl 18) if u want then u can check out our clan tag is #8YYPYPUC

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    Please check out our clan called World Is Yours, a fun and relaxed place to enjoy all elements of the game . Here are some quick highlights for us:

    💥 Level 13
    💥 Players based around the world
    💥 Clan Games always completed
    💥 Farm anywhere or Push, itís all supported
    💥 Wars are frequent
    💥 CWL completed in the clan and at our level 14 clan called War Headz
    💥 Be active and have fun
    💥 Clan rules: take part and donate requested
    💥 Town Hall 11+ and non rushed

    Be great to have you on board.

    WorldIsYours and War Headz


    Experienced clan leader, 7+ years Clash of Clans
    World Is Yours, Level 13, relaxed environment for all
    Active, UK with international players. War 24/7. 3✳️💪🏼

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