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    Cool Hay Day MoosFlash: Winter Edition!

    The lovely farm helpers Rose and Ernest are here again with a new episode of the MoosFlash, a community shoutout video!

    Hopefully you all enjoy this episode where Rose and Ernest talk about Halloween, recent updates and much more. All feedback and comments from our aMOOzing community!


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    Here I am screening the crosswords on the fridge looking for hint about next update.

    S'more will do as a new product, we only need to bring some marshmallow to the Candy Machine too.

    And while we are at it, yes I would love an Owl . Chouette like they say here!
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    I like how MoosFlash replied to a player asking to remove the limit on expansion tools. Rose said, "Sometimes in life, you have to have limits."

    Indeed, Team Hay Day.

    For those who missed it, here's the megathread discussing the limit on expansion tools.

    The EM Buying Limits FAQ

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