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Thread: Invitating players who are not in any clan

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    Invitating players who are not in any clan

    Hi all.
    I recently created a clan, and the thing is I can find few players who are not in any clan so I want to invite them. But I am having trouble. To find players I have to leave my clan and if I'm not in my clan I cannot invite them. If I am in my clan, there is no way I could search players. Even if I know player tag of a certain player, there is no way I could seach him and send him a request to join my clan.

    Please help me in this regard. I cannot figure out how to add friends and invite people using their player tag.

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    According to this thread, there seems to be a delay of 24 hours until you can start inviting people to a new clan:

    Do bear in mind also, starting a new clan can be a big struggle. It's a lot earlier if you start with a group of people, but even then, unless you can offer a lot of donations of very high level troops, you'll find it hard to retain good people.

    If you are determined, by all means give it a try, and good luck!

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    Good Luck.
    With the old method that is gone, I could have 10 members fairly quickly. Getting them to compete or attack in a war was very hard.

    I find it very hard to believe the current recruitment system has not been fixed yet.

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    I have no real knowledge just my opinion which is there is a desire to have fewer big clans and not lots of smaller little ones or the tool would have been fixed long ago. Simplier and cheaper I suppose to have a lot fewer

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