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Thread: The Valley...not enough daily tasks, fuel spin thresholds a DRAG

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    The Valley...not enough daily tasks, fuel spin thresholds a DRAG

    Ok, I really like the Valley. I love tooling around in my customized truck, going places and doing things. After several years of HayDay, Iím a bit underwhelmed by fishing, the town and Derby - the Valley feels fresh and full of possibilities. I could happily do 8 or 10 tasks a day there when itís open....but 4 is the current number, and they go by too fast. Any chance of adding a few more daily tasks to the Valley?

    I recall mentioning this right after the Valley started, and I appreciate the addition of the gas stations (although it seems gas should cost coins, since we earn coins selling our goods there), but the thresholds for earning spins to get more gas are unduly cumbersome, especially when the options given to earn them are all low value. I donít get to play this game all day, and when the max suns that can be earned are just 2, 1 and 5, itís burdensome to earn enough gas to enjoy the Valley or accomplish even the 4 tasks assigned. I want to enjoy myself, not be stressed about HayDay tasks to get fuel spins. I donít mind plotting my driving route, trying to be efficient and get things done, but thereís a point where spending so much time doing tasks to earn fuel spins or spending diamonds to get fuel takes the fun out of it. It also doesnít make sense that the higher number of suns you have to accumulate are for the same quantities of fuel....whether itís 20 or 1000 suns to get a fuel spin, itís the same 6,7,8 or 9 units. Why have to work harder for the same reward? Itís just not fun.

    So, I hope you guys think about the Valley some more and increase the FUN!

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    I agree that more than 4 tasks would be nice. Most days I knock them off in minutes. Unless they are the fix truck one - never have I seen a broken truck (although mine breaks a lot) or the group task - same problem.

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